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As you may know, about 5 years ago I changed my focus and professional career from fintech to nature photography.


After a year-long photography study, I have spent the past 4 years taking photos, mostly of animals. Many of them I posted here and luckily many of you seem to like them.

I have already had four exhibitions (with a fifth on its way), and now I am working on my first album. 

I am using the service of a crowd-funding publisher as the optimal chance to get enough public awareness. My Album is called "On Birds, Bees, and Other Insects," and as the name suggests, it includes over 100 my photos of everything that flies. Some of the photos I presented here on my website; many are new. 

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The book is not finished yet but will appear in about 8-12 weeks after a successful pre-order campaign. To finish and publish it, I need at least 25 pre-orders for a small market test, so that the publisher can see that there is an actual sales potential, and he can take the risk of publishing this book.

I was hoping that those of you who liked my work would consider pre-ordering.


Once I get 25 pre-orders, the album will be printed and become publicly available, and of course, you will get your order.


The pre-order is open for 2 weeks only.

The successful publication of a photo book will mean a big step forward in my career as a photographer. So, please also pass it on if you know anyone who might be interested.

Here is the link to the pre-ordering:

If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you!

Thanks for subscribing!

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