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Sparrows of the Arctic: A Journey to Berlevåg, Norway.

A small group of snow buntings on a rock out of the snow
Flock of snow buntings

As I left my Exhibition Project at RaumArs A-i-R in Rauma, Finland, my adventure continued, and I found myself on a mesmerizing drive through late-winter Lapland, making my way towards the north of Norway. As I journeyed further north, I couldn't help but notice the dense canopy of trees gradually thinning out, eventually giving way to a vast desert of snow and ice. It was as if Mother Nature had staged a performance, showcasing the stark beauty of the Arctic wilderness.

Snow bunting in a patch of weeds peeping out of the snow
Snow bunting in a patch of weeds peeping out of the snow

With the thinning of vegetation, the last of the passerine birds disappeared. However, just when it seemed like the birdlife had abandoned the place, I caught a glimpse of a new bird. In the deep snow, I noticed a subtle, unexpected movement. At first, it was too distant to identify, but soon after, there it was again - a flash of life against the white landscape. This time, I could identify it as a Snow Bunting – my very first sighting!

Snow bunting in the deep snow of northern Norway
Snow bunting in the deep snow

At first, these little birds appeared to be a rare sight, causing my excitement to peak. But as I continued to drive further north, they became increasingly abundant. Before I knew it, they were fluttering all around, their presence transforming the Arctic tundra into a living snow desert.

As I saw more and more of them, often in flocks, I realized that they were the sparrows of the snow, reminding me that even in the harshest of environments, life can thrive, provided we let it.

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