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Four days to my photo exhibition in Rauma, Finland

TUHAT SANAA LUMELLE Thousand words of snow

I can't believe it has been two months since I arrived in Finland, as a resident artist of RAUMARS. It has been two months in which I have been capturing the local snow and ice formations. Since childhood I knew that northern languages have hundreds of words for snow. This year I was finally given the opportunity to learn a few of the Finnish terms, see them, and capture them in photos. The exhibition is called Thousand Words of Snow, or in Finnish TUHAT SANAA LUMELLE.

The exhibition will take place from Feb 23 to March 23, and will include over 20 of my photos, as well as some photos of three guest photographers. These amazing local photographers, who have helped me so much throughout this project, are Teemu Laulajainen, Altti A. Salo, and Raimo Sundelin. I also wish to extend special thank you to RAUMARS, that made this project possible.

In the coming weeks I will post here more photos from the exhibition. If you are interested in any of them, drop me a line at or to RAUMARS at

This photo, from the exhibition, is of lumipeitto or blanket snow. I was so lucky to see this snow just as I arrived. It has never been as snowy after that.

House covered by snow exhibition photo
House covered by snow exhibition photo

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