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In the North of Hokkaido - Heron of Mist

Ever since my teenage years, I've been fascinated by Japanese culture - Zen and architecture, martial arts, and, of course, the language. So, it's no wonder that when the opportunity presented itself, I decided to try my hand at some Japanese art. As I was known for my artistic ineptitude, I chose Sumi-e (ink painting). As a minimalist art, I believed it would be suitable for my artistically challenged disposition.

How mistaken I was!

After struggling for about a year, still unable to master drawing a simple curve with one stroke, I reluctantly informed my teacher of my intention to quit.

"Very smart decision, Ran-san," she responded, and I thought I detected a hint of relief in her otherwise well controlled voice.

Decades later, I mustered the courage to try my hand at art again. Only this time, I chose photography - a medium that didn't challenge my fine motor skills.

But it was my journey to Hokkaido that rekindled my interest in creating Sumi-e. This time, however, I would do it with a camera.

As the first light touched Wakanai, the northernmost point of Japan, I found myself enveloped in a thick, frozen mist, barely able to discern the dozens of grey herons fishing in the shallow intertidal zone. The herons seemed to appear and disappear into the grey mist, only their dark body parts visible through the greyness. Nature had become Sumi-e, and Sumi-e nature.

This Heron of Mist piece marks my debut in the realm of Sumie-inspired photography. This piece is strictly confined to just 10 prints, ensuring its exclusivity. Discover it in my online shop and seize the opportunity to own a piece of this unique collection.

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