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Book Beecroft Cheltenham Heritage Walks Cover

My photos adorn the new edition of the
Beecroft and Cheltenham Heritage Walks book

At long last, after overcoming a series of technical issues, "Beecroft and Cheltenham Heritage Walk" (by is finally out. And guess who had the privilege of being the photographer for the book?

This project was truly fascinating, encompassing street and architectural photography, as well as capturing the beauty of nature, vegetation, and wildlife.

Along the way, we encountered numerous challenges and experienced some unexpected delays. However, it brings me immense joy to finally hold the completed product in my hands. Hopefully, this book will increase the awareness of our history, heritage, and the unique natural environment we take for granted, and will help us with our struggle to preserve them.

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Title Page


Street and Architecture

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Nature, Vegetation, Wildlife


Title Page


Title Page

19 years after the first publication, the second edition, decorated by my photos, is now published and available to the public.

Some of the walks lead you through the suburbs, to which I provided street and architectural photos.

To the walks though leafy areas and natural bush I contributed nature, vegetation, and wildlife photographs. 

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